Wholesale Sylvester Palm Trees

Wholesale Sylvester Palm TreesThere is only one thing that all exotic countries have in common and that is the Palm Tree. No matter if you go in India, Nepal, Spain`s islands or Mauritius, these beautiful and unique trees will enlighten your view. 

Today we are going to focus on one specific palm tree, the “Phoenix Sylverster”. Our company is specialized in wholesale Sylvester palm trees and we only work with quality products; from various types of trees to various types of palms. We know that the beauty of a landscape (especially an exotic one) starts with a Palm Tree. 

What is exactly a Sylverster Palm Tree?

This Palm Tree has its origins in Southern Pakistan and most of the India and it only grows on plains or in areas with scrub vegetation. A fun fact is that Sylvester is known by many names (Sylvester being one of them) such as Wild Date Palm, Toddy Palm or India Date Palm. Its fruit is used in making wine and jelly and its leaves can be used to make mats and bags.

What is it so special about wholesale Sylvester Palm Trees?

The Sylvester Palm became more and more popular over the years mainly because of its appearance. Mister Sylvester is big, imposing and let us say the truth, spectacular. It grows slowly (approximately 1 to 3 feet a year) but it can reach heights of 40 feet plus and 10 to 15 feet wide. The Sylvester Palm Tree prefers full sun and can withstand temperatures down to 15 degrees.

The trunk of the “Phoenix sylvestris” Palm is a solitary robust one, with an interesting diamond pattern created by leaf scars. The Wild Date Palm’s trunk can handle a drought for not such a long period of time and it grows best in moist but well drained soil.

What are the benefits of buying landscape palm trees from our wholesale Palm Tree farm?

  • First of all, we know how important quality is for each one of us, no matter what we are buying so we are very professional in what we are doing.
  • Another important aspect is the price. We believe we provide a very good value of money when it comes to palm trees especially because it`s our passion.
  • Safety; we surely know how important this aspect is as well. Buying palm trees from a specialized Palm Tree farm? We believe this should make you choose Quality Palms over any other Palm Trees reseller. 
  • We will always make sure we provide the most luxurious palms and trees available in the whole world . 
  • We assure you our Palm Trees are of the highest quality stock and Mister Sylvester Palm Tree will definitely make your landscape stand out.