Wholesale Specimen Palm Trees

Quality Palms; for all of Your Palm Trees Solutions.

Quality Palms is a company that focuses on offering the most prestigious specimen palm trees to our highly esteemed clients. We have a wide collection of the best specimen palm trees from all over the globe. We offer our customers with high quality palm trees that make their landscape beautiful. Strictly speaking, planting palm trees in your landscape have a lot of benefits. These include:-

Palm Trees increase the value of your property

Quality palm trees are rare. They are not found on the property of most people. Planting palm trees on your property especially home adds great value to it. This is particularly important when you are planning to sell your property in the near future.

Aesthetic properties of Pam Trees

Luxurious palm trees such as the ones we offer at Quality Palms are very beautiful. They make your landscape very impressive. You and your guests will enjoy sitting on your yard which has several palm trees growing on it.

Shade and environmental conservation

Palm trees offer the best shade ever. Occasionally, you will want to go and relax on your yard under the shade of a beautiful palm tree. Aside from the shade provided by these trees, they also have the advantage of keeping your home clean. This is so because they shed little leaves as compared to other types of trees. A home with palm trees enjoys fresh air. Palm trees releases a lot of oxygen due to the increased number of leaves.

At Quality Palms, we offer different varieties of palm trees. Research has shown that there are over 2000 different species of palm trees. We are always coming up with a new variety of specimen palm trees. Some of our palms trees in stock currently include:-

Canary Island Date Palm

It is the most excellent quality landscaping palm tree especially in the southern states of USA. Its scientific name is Phoenix Canariensis. They are also referred to as Pineapple Palms. The tree was originally found in the Canary Islands which are found in the Atlantic Ocean close to the Northeast coastline of Africa. Canary Island Date Palms thrive well in warm climatic conditions. They may grow up to height of 60 feet and have a thick pattern on the trunk. They are hybrid palm trees and this is why they come with some of the finest features. The trees are developed in our Florida farm where they are taken care of until they are ready for sale. The price for these palm trees is $3,800.

Medjool Palms

They are tall and thin palm trees. They belong to a class of palm trees called Phoenix Dactylifera. Their leaves have a blue tone and the tree is closely related to the Canary Island Date Palm. Medjool Palms do well in dry regions as they are drought resistant trees. They are also suitable for warm climates especially the climate in the tropical regions. These palm trees are also a hybrid of two other types of palm trees. Hybrid palm trees have excellent features. For instance, they are resistant to pests and diseases and they mature very fast. The price of a Medjool Palm tree at Quality Palms is $4,200.