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Palm trees provide a perfect tropical appearance to any landscape. Palm trees are planted by most people for the elegant look. Having palm trees on the landscape is becoming an integral part of every landscape. Planting palm trees is a good idea, and while you do this, I would advise you to buy on wholesale from Quality Palms - Wholesale Tropical Landscape Supply located in Florida. Wholesale palm trees will provide you the best full grown trees that will adapt the new environment within a short time.

Benefits of buying from Wholesale palm trees

Canary Island Date Palm Tree - Wholesale Tropical Landscape SupplyAt Quality Palms our Wholesale Tropical Landscape Supply sells you quality full grown trees at a fair price considering the elegance of the trees. They beautify your home, roadsides and potentially beautifying the whole landscape at only a simple cost.
Quality Palms - Wholesale Tropical Landscape Supply will also make your delivery of the full grown trees ensuring that they reach your destination with minimal damage whenever you make a wholesale purchase.

You also have the opportunity to be offered a free guideline on how to transplant the palm trees and how to maintain them for the best growth from the experts as they did to me. You will also learn that palm trees require less maintenance once transplanted at the correct atmosphere and environment. Palm trees can grow tall, slender, single stem intermediate tall, bush forming, semi-tall, clumping semi tall, clumping semi tall, dwarf, full sun-loving, spiny trunks, partial sun-loving, shade loving, clumping, drought-tolerant, water tolerant and sometimes marshy too.

A variaty of palm tree species to choose from.

Chinese Fan Palm

These are some wonderful houseplants that require frequent watering and direct sunlight. Being hardy plants, they will thrive indoors and in low light areas. If planted in soil they can attain heights of about 30 feet, and more can grow 50 feet tall.

Bamboo Palm

A beautiful palm. Not hardy in nature like other palm trees. It has bamboo-like stems and thin, delicate leaves. Water this plant regularly as it belongs to tropics and is used to continuous rains. I would recommend this one for your houses; it is a beautiful must-have plant.

Sago Palm

Often planted in lawns. Sago Palm needs direct sunlight and frequent watering. This plant grows at a slow rate, prune when it’s older leaves on regular basis to encourage a strong and firm growth. Protect the sago palm tree from frost.

Canary Island Date Palm

The Canary Island Date Palm, which provides us with tasty, nutritious and rich fruit, is commonly cultivated in many areas of the world for its fruit, especially in the Middle Eastern region. It normally provides fruit after 5-8 years of its cultivation. 

Kentia Palm

Native to Lord Howe Island of Australia, these are one of the most beautiful palms that are now spreading around the globe.

Palm trees have admirable features making them the hottest selling trees among gardeners and landscapers. Buy Wholesale Palm trees from the Quality Palms - Wholesale Tropical Landscape Supply in any part of the USA and we will deliver.