Wholesale Date Palm Trees

Wholesale Canary Island Date Palm Trees, specimen palmThe following are Date Palm trees that you may consider buying, if need of a very beautiful and attractive landscape.

Canary Island Date Palms

The Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix Canariensis) also called the Pineapple Palm, is a very beautiful tree with a stout trunk, pinnate leaves divided into many linear leaflets and drooping panicles of yellow flowers. Its bark is grey and very attractive because of fits textured pattern. It has a large crown that has long leaf blades. Its tropical beauty outshines other palm varieties. It is palm variety that has low maintenance and are drought tolerant therefore the need very little attention.

Phoenix Reclinata Palm

Also, called as Senegal Date Palm. It varies in shape and can grow to a height of about 7.6 meters to 15 meters. They have slender stems that are covered with brown fiber. The leaf stem has vicious needles near the trunk. They should be pruned occasionally because they have a tendency to grow into a tangled mass of stems and leaves which is not attractive. It is drought tolerant but more attractive if watered periodically.

Sylvester Palm

This palm variety has a beautiful look with silvery blue-green leaves. It has long branches which spread into a circular canopy and has a long trunk. It also has a low maintenance where pruning is not a requirement.

Medjool Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

This particular type of a palm tree has a thick canopy, wide leaflets and a high frond count . It blends well with a wide range of other landscape materials. Its canopy spreads after one year on site and has an average trunk. This palm tree will thrive well in a full sunlight environment

Hybrid Date Palms

Date palms will hybridize and lead to some amazing palm trees. This is a crossbred palm tree between the Canary Island Date Palm, reclinata, Sylvester Palm, Medjools and Roebelenii. This Hybrid palm has many variations in leaf forms, trunk size, seed color and size and growth rate. 

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