Wholesale Canary Island Date Palm Trees

Canary island date palm trees are often considered as the king of all data palms. The tree consists of orange colored stems with green feather leaves lining both sides in an uniform manner thereby providing an ornamental look and feel to the viewers. For this reason alone , canary island date palms have become the most sought after trees for garden landscaping. Both the male and female version of the canary island date palms also produces small and beautiful yellow to orange colored flowers. 

Enhance property value by adding Canary island palm trees to your home landscape

This type of palm tree is perfectly suited for landscaping purposes as the tree has the capability to virtually grow on any soil available in different parts of United States and North America. It is also said to be drought tolerant and salt tolerant. It is also light in maintenance as it requires only a minimum quantity of water on a daily basis for its growth. with so much going for it, American homeowners would love to have a couple or at least one canary island in their garden. For such home owners, we at quality palms provide quality canary Island palm specimen and also help in transporting and planting the canary island specimen in the home backyard. 

Exciting collection of Canary date palm

We at Quality Palms maintain a wide collection of canary date palm trees starting with the 6' trunk trees. The 6' trunk canary island comes with a thick and stout trunk standing majestically in the garden though short in height. For homeowners who are looking for taller canary palms, we provide 8',10',12' and 14' trunk palms . The tallest palm trunk that we offer measures 24'. Homeowners can browse through the site and look at the different sized canary date palms and choose the one that best fits their landscaping needs. 

Proper Maintenance of Canary Island Date Palm Trees

We have a dedicated pool of resources taking care of the regular maintenance of the various canary palms in our nursery. Right from watering to pruning, our staff have been trained specifically by experts in the field. Our trained staff can pass on the knowledge of maintaining canary palm to the homeowners by providing useful tips and tricks related to proper upkeep of these palms. In addition to helping homeowners, we have also planted these beautiful palm trees on both sides of the streets in different counties across United States and Canada. Canary Palm tree is the most frequently used tree when it comes to decorating city streets. 

Our staff would be able to provide tips and advice to home owners on the following Canary Island palm tree maintenance aspects.

1. Choosing the right palm fertilizer and the regular time intervals of applying these fertilizers 

2. Tips for maintaining the palm tree in a healthy condition by preventing trees from becoming mineral deficient

3. Choosing and applying the right mineral sprays for maintaining the right Potassium , Magnesium, Iron and Manganese content in palm trees 

4. Tips for maintaining the soil quality including testing the soil acidity and Ph levels on a regular basis and taking corrective actions on a regular basis

5. Provide training to home owners on how to properly prune the Canary island date palm tree leaves by using the right tools

6. Provide guidance on deciding the regular intervals at which pruning has to be carried out 

By buying a canary island date palm from us, homeowners are assured of their property value appreciation as these well maintained palm trees would add value to the property landscape. On top of it, homeowners also get to play an important role in increasing the green cover of the community.