Wholesale Canary Island Date Palm / Phoenix Sylvestris Trees

Wholesale Canary Island Date Palm / Phoenix Sylvestris Trees For Sale Ever hear of the Phoenix Sylvestris Palm Tree? Well, the definition of Phoenix is " purple" while sylvestris means "wild". This palm is originally from Southern Pakistan. In India, it is widespread. natural habitat is the plains and scrublands. Its fruit is processed. And the reason why it is also called Toddy palm is because its sap can be fermented into a toddy. Alternatively, the sap can be directly drunk while still unfermented and fresh. Thirdly, the sap can make palm jaggery by boiling it. Palm jaggery is renown in India. Its leaves are woven into mats and bags.

The Silver Date grows an estimated one to three feet a year. Its height within the same period is 40 feet plus. The trunk grows to 10-15 ft. It grows best under full exposure to the sun but can still survive temperature drop to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.
The Phoenix sylvestris stem is sturdy and intact. It has diamond patterns resulting from the formation of the leaf stalks which are on the stem.

The Wild Date Palm's stem can be gorged out into a special pattern resulting into the orange flesh of the stem being appealing. It resembles the Canary Island Date Palm though smaller in size. It is also resistant to the weevil.

Its management is seldom difficult. This palm needs pruning of the dried leaves to avoid "skirting". It is very pricky and sharp-edged. Be advised to take care when managing it. To keep this palm strong and healthy, use palm fertilizer that does not leech and its release is slow. Apply the fertilizer bi-annually. It grows optimally under scheduled watering. It has become a favorite amongst landscapers due to ease of handling and beauty.

Landscapers, large in number, are making use of this exemplary plant, lining streets, and centerpieces for affluent homes. Its popularity stretches from East Georgia to West of Oregon