Where To Buy Palm Trees In New York

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If you're wondering where to buy palm trees in New York you should give us a chance to show you the high quality and unsurpassed customer service we offer. Making the best choice for your needs can be difficult at best, but we can offer you professional advice to help you make the perfect selection. We sell many types and specimens of palm trees, including Sylvester palm, Bismarck Palm, Canary Island Date Palm, Sabal Palm, Areca Palm hedge and Podocarpus hedge.

Palm trees can be used to beautify not only your home, but also business centers, malls, solariums or a shopping area that is big enough to incorporate a tree of this size. Palm trees are also known for their beautiful, decorative and edible fruits. Often when you think about palms fruits you think about the coconut, but we also have to remember dates, wax palm fruit and others. There are over 2500 species of palm identified, and each and every one has different requirements. From specific temperatures to soil conditions, there are several factors to keep them healthy and beautiful. An interesting palm fact: the quindio wax palm is the tallest palm, growing to heights of 200 feet tall. It has been named as Columbia’s national tree.

Sylvester Palms Are Great For New York Landscapes

A very popular choice for golf courses in new york is the Sylvester Palm Tree, but this versatile tree does beautifully as in indoor plant also. Due to its slow growth habit, it works well in many spaces where it can grow a few inches a year. It is perfect for a solarium or a shopping center with high ceilings as it matures. Sylvester palms require low maintenance and are very forgiving. They are the perfect size for many indoor applications.

Another palm tree that can fit perfectly into your indoor green space is the Bismarck Palm, due to its relatively smaller dimensions: it won’t get any taller than 40 feet, and the crown reaches about 15 - 20 feet across. In their natural habitat they can reach heights of up to 80 feet, but those that are cultivated tend to stay much shorter, and certainly don’t exceed 40 feet.

Palm trees are one of the most popular choices for indoor plants. They’re quite adaptable and will do beautifully when provided with the right indoor environment. It’s good to keep in mind that taking care of these plants inside of a building requires recreating as closely as possible the environment where they live naturally. The mature palms adorn places like hotels or foyers, while the less mature palms can be used as desk plants for small offices or the perfect plant for a sunny window in your home. You have to be sure that they receive enough sun light, adequate water, and humidity.