Where To Buy Palm Trees In Massachusetts

If you’re looking where to buy palm trees in Massachusetts, keep in mind that the climate is very important for palm trees, so it is important that you are careful with which palms you choose and where you want to place them. Some are more cold tolerant than others, but none are completely cold-resistant trees. It’s certainly not as simple as buying a common deciduous or evergreen tree and planting it. We can help you when you determine which direction to go in when purchasing a palm tree for colder regions and take into account other environmental factors that may affect the growth and well-being of your landscape. We can even advise you on the best palms to grow indoors as houseplants, or add to your solarium. Palm trees add an elegant and distinctive tropical air where ever they are planted.

Where to plant palm trees in Massachusetts

The soil content and quality is of importance, indoors or out, because it has to ensure the trees receive the required nutrient intake, so we can work closely with you to make sure your trees will receive the proper levels of nutrients to keep them green and healthy. These trees also require a good drainage system, and dependent on the species may require more or less. Even though they live in tropical regions it doesn’t mean that palm trees are water plants. An important aspect about the indoor palms is that many of the indoor specimens aren’t old enough to flower. A lack of flowers doesn’t mean that your palm is unhealthy. It’s just immature!

We are available to help you with any issues you might encounter at any time with your trees. Keeping palm trees in colder climates is not as straightforward as it is in the warmer regions, but they can still be vibrant and beautiful with the right care. For indoor palm trees, the timing for planting isn’t important, but if you’re planting outdoors, we will help you determine the best times in your area of Massachusetts to help give your trees the best advantages for growing. We will also help you determine which species and varieties are appropriate for your region. 

The Areca palm is a palm that will reach 20 feet or less, making it great for use in smaller areas, such as business centers. It lends spaces a fresh, outdoor tropical feel, all in the confines of a busy and crowded building. Again, as an added benefit, this tree will reach a maximum of 20 feet tall and have a crown of about 8 feet across. An added bonus is that is is self-cleaning, meaning it doesn’t require pruning of dead fronds. 

Each and every tree we sell has been carefully chosen by us. We don’t buy sight-unseen lots of trees that are weak, diseased or sub-par. All of our trees are carefully cared for from the time we receive them until the moment they’re planted in your landscape.

At Quality Palms, we strive to offer you the highest quality palm trees and now when you wonder where to buy palm trees in Massachusetts, think again, because Quality Palms delivers all over the country!