Senegal Date Palm / Phoenix Reclinata Trees For Sale

Senegal Date Palm Tree / Phoenix Reclinata For Sale - wholesaleSenegal Date Palm is a unique, beautiful palm tree, also identified as the Phoenix reclinata which grows in a large clump that dramatically creates a specimen plant perfect on parks, yard and campuses. It also makes a powerful statement against massive backdrops with its elegantly curving stems. 

Senegal date palm can as well flourish inside wide a container and also other restricted urban region. A great dramatic effect can be attained by a spotlighting during night hours to show its centerpiece. It should be noted that two reclinatas can never be equal and also inhabited to Arabian Peninsula, Tropical Africa, Madagascar, and Comoro Islands. The Reclinata has been reported naturalized in Florida, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Leeward Island. 

The Senegal reclinata palm regarded as a plant that grows slower; however, compared to the rest of Palm, it relatively grows faster. The Reclinata easily identified by its Cold Hardy down into 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It adapts to drought and can stand a bright sunny area as well as the drained soil. 

The fruits of Reclinata are named a date, and they follow a female flower. The Reclinata can be related to dates which can be bought in a store. However, they are equal, and their flesh is less edible. Additionally, having a good date such as fruit, raw buds as well as cooked ones can be eaten and a heart is as well edible.

The Reclinata tree contains fiber which has various uses, for instance, strings, ropes, mat, baskets, and roofing materials. A brown like dye is produced on the Senegal Date Palm leaves, and also the sap on the tree can be used in brewing a palm wine. Eventually, we can summarize by saying that Reclinata palm tree is the beautiful centerpiece, contain edible fruit, cold hardy, edible vegetable and wine. It is such an amazing tree.