Quality Specimen Palm Trees

Did you know that palm trees have been used to create beautiful landscapes across the globe for centuries?

If you are thinking of creating a beauty on your piece of real estate or a portion of land, you should consider incorporating Specimen Palm trees from Quality Palms into your project and we guarantee that from our rich selection of palm trees on our website you will find a type of palm tree that will go well with your plan. Our specimen palm trees are warranted and professionally grown with the highest care and tree farming standards in the industry.

The following are the benefits of that you would enjoy by incorporating specimen palm trees from Quality Palms into you real estate, whether it is a golf course, a hotel, office building or your home.

a) The very first benefit is the increase in the property value. This is very much expected since the property would look very beautiful and would definitely attract attention fro people and thus it will stand out.

b) The uniquely shaped palmate leaves of our palm trees will add that to the curb appeal. Visit the official website of Quality Palms and view from our tremendous selection a type of specimen palm tree that will complement your space.

c)Another benefit of having specimen palm trees from Quality Palms is that they require low maintenance since they do not demand that much water or fertilizer as other trees may require. Our specimen palm trees are also less susceptible to pests and diseases.

d) Palm trees are storm proof. There are two reasons behind this, one is that the specimen palm trees have complex root systems that will strongly hold the tree during a storm. the second reason is that the palm trees have flexible stems that will sway against strong winds hence ensuring survival where most trees fail.

e) Mature Specimen palm trees are worth a lot of money and this to many is a big advantage. Instead of having trees whose value cannot be transfered to another why not have Specimen palm trees? Check out on our official website to see the Palm trees that fetch the highest prices in the market by landscapers and even other home-owners.

The following are few examples of palm trees that are available at Quality Palms;

a) Canary Date Palm 12 feet CT Florida Fancy which goes for $ 3800
b) Medjool Palm 12 feet of Trunk which goes for $4,200
c) Hybrid Date Palm Double which goes for $4,500
d)The famous Reclinata Palm which towers approximately 24 feet and costs $12,500
e)The Canary Date Palm 6 feet CT Florida Fancy which goes for &1,800
f) Bismarck Palm 10 feet of Clear Trunk whose price is $1.200

Quality Palms has been delivering palm trees to our esteemed clients spread all over North America ,that is the United States of America and Canada for years. We reach to satisfy all of our clients with our excellent service and attention to detail we are focused on bringing you the highest quality palm trees in the industry. You do not have to be overwhelmed with the issue of choosing which palm tree suits your next landscaping project our staff is more than ready to consult and advise you depending on any constraints that you may be facing.