Palm Trees For Sale In the State of Georgia

Our Palms will transform your Georgia landscape into a work of beauty and prestige with the most beautiful palms available on the market today. With careful selection and growing practices, you are sure to get a palm that will fit all of your landscaping needs. If you’re looking for palm trees for sale in Georgia, At Quality Palms we provide our customers with the finest stock of Southern grown specimen palm trees.

Sylvester palm is a popular choice for golf courses because it is slow-growing, with a maximum height of 40 feet, and it requires low-maintenance. When planting this tree, it should be placed about 4 or 5 feet from the house, or if you are planting several in a row, they must be separated by 4 feet or even more. 

Sabal Palm is native to the South Atlantic coast of the USA, Cuba and also the Bahamas. The cascading yellowish-white flowers of the Sabal Palm will look amazing in your landscape and it’s somewhat tolerant to cold. This palm is the South Carolina and Florida state tree and is a fabulous addition to landscapes susceptible to salt spray (they do not tolerate salt water on their roots). 

Choose Bismarck Palms if you are looking for a huge visual impact, because these trees will be the main focus in many landscapes. In their natural habitat they can grow up to 82 feet in height, but those which are cultivated don’t get taller than 40 feet. The leaves are rounded somewhat and they can reach over 9 feet. 

More About Buying Palm Trees In Georgia

Not sure about what size plant to purchase? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you prefer buying a smaller tree and watching it grow and mature? 

Or would you prefer a medium-sized palm tree that looks more mature in your landscape right now?

Do you prefer a fully mature tree that looks amazing and is at its maximum size to finish out the landscape? 

Another important factor is knowing when to plant. We encourage our clients to choose to plant from Spring to Fall, as it allows the tree plenty of time to acclimate and become established before the cooler weather sets in.  

When you’re looking for a palm tree or several for your landscape, don’t forget that you can find Palm trees for sale in Georgia. We offer different species and different sizes, but above all, the most important factor is that we offer the best quality. Palms can completely change the way your landscape or your customer’s landscape looks and feels, adding some tropical panache in a very short time.

Some interesting facts: most of the palms have a tree-like form and they have two different types of leaves: palmate or pinnate. The tallest palm trees, called the quindio wax palm can reach to 197 feet, and is Colombia’s national tree. The heaviest seed of any plant on Earth is the seed of the coco de mer palm tree, and can weigh to 66 pounds. Have you ever heard of palm wine? If not, palm wine is also called “kallu” and can be created from coconut palms, date palms, Chilean wine palm or other species.