Medjool Date Palm Trees 12' Trunk

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Medjool Palm 12' of Trunk

Landscaping your place uniquely is the only way of separating yourself from the crowd which usually follows what the others have been doing for centuries. Including a Medjool Date Palm in your landscape makes it a uniquely outstanding one. Having the palm in your landscape leaves you enjoying the following benefits.

Stylish display – Including date palms in your landscape brings a stylish look which cannot be acquired in any other way. The stylishness gets noticed better when a party is held in the palm rich landscape.

Little or no needs – Growing the plant is easy as it is naturally tolerant to aridity. This totally minimizes watering needs and many other maintenance costs.

Unimaginable life span – The plant takes a bit more time to mature. This makes it able to live for many years without bringing disturbances.
Trending – Using the Medjool palm in landscaping was a less common habit and the plant is continuedly gaining landscaping fame now. Most users have been using it in commercial estates landscaping. Using it in your garden adds up the uniqueness while maintaining the trend.

The fruits – Female Medjool palms bear fruits which feature various nutritional benefits. The plant leaves you enjoying its fruits and several other products which can be sourced from it.

The Medjool would be what your landscape needs to be complete. Planting several Medjool Dates in the area will always leave you enjoying all the above and many more benefits such as shade provided by the plant. Request delivery of the palms from us and we will be more than willing to help you all through.

The Medjool Date Palm's adaptability to a wide range of climates, excellent resistance to drought, salt spray, brackish water, and various pests, and its general robustness make it the palm of chice for dry climates, temperate as well as tropical.  Phoenix dactylifera tolerates salt water intrusion and cold better than all the other Date Palms.

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