Lithia Florida Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale

Though Lithia in Florida is a small town it is expected to develop rapidly in the next decade. It also has a large number of parks which are popular among tourists. Landscaping companies offering their services and other property developers in Lithia often prefer to use palms since they are low maintenance trees and give the property an exotic look. Hence they would like to find a reliable nursery offering Lithia Florida Wholesale Palm Trees For Sale. A Quality plant is a well established farm with a nursery, offering a wide variety of quality palms to wholesale palm buyers at affordable rates.

In addition to the cost of the plant itself, the wholesale buyer is also paying for transporting the palm, transplanting it at a suitable location. So he would like to ensure that the palm nursery is selling high quality plants which will flourish despite being transported. Hence we take great care to ensure that all the palms in the nursery are grown from high quality seeds. Before dispatching the palms to our customer, we will closely inspect the palm to check for diseases, damage and only dispatch healthy plants which conform to our quality guidelines. The roots are also packed properly so that they grow well when transplanted.

While smaller palms are cheaper and also easier to transplant, the ease of transplantation also depends on the type of palms which are selected. The queen palm and Washington robustia palm are extremely popular since they are fast growing and easily transplanted. The areca palm and canary palms are some of the other palms which are extremely popular for landscaping. The areca palm is also sold in containers and is used for hedging, while the canary palm is grown at the entrance. Before ordering any palm, the buyer should be aware of the size to which the palm will grow, so that they can ensure that there is enough free space around it. We offer free advice to buyers on palm selection and landscaping with these palms.