Specimen Palms - Canary Island Date Palms 8' CT

Specimen Palms - Canary Island Date Palms 8' CT

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Canary Island Date Palm 8' CT

This type of palm tree is perfectly suited for landscaping purposes as the tree has the capability to virtually grow on any soil available in different parts of United States and North America. It is also said to be drought tolerant and salt tolerant. By buying a Canary Island date palm from Quality Palms, property owners can rest assured that their property value appreciation as these well maintained palm trees would add value to the property landscape. On top of it, homeowners also get to play an important role in increasing the green cover of the community. 

Maintaining Your Canary Island Date Palm Trees

We have a dedicated pool of resources taking care of the regular maintenance of the various canary palms in our nursery. Right from watering to pruning, our staff have been trained specifically by experts in the field. Our trained staff can pass on the knowledge of maintaining canary palm to the homeowners by providing useful tips and tricks related to proper upkeep of these palms. In addition to helping homeowners, we have also planted these beautiful palm trees on both sides of the streets in different counties across United States and Canada. Canary Island Date Palm tree is the most frequently used tree when it comes to decorating city streets. 

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