Canary Island Date Specimen Palms 8' CT

Canary Island Date Specimen Palms 8' CT

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Canary Island Date Palm 8' CT

As a native of the Canary Islands, this date palm hails from a Spanish archipelago off the southern coast of Morocco. This palm is thought to have been introduced to the California area by Spanish mission priests, who brought the seeds with them and cultivated the trees. Because of this, they have become an unofficial symbol of Southern California, lining boulevards, gracing front yards and creating shady groves in public and private estates. 

Exciting collection of Canary date palm

We at Quality Palms maintain a wide collection of canary date palm trees starting with the 6' trunk trees. The 6' trunk canary island comes with a thick and stout trunk standing majestically in the garden though short in height. For homeowners who are looking for taller canary palms, we provide 8',10',12' and 14' trunk palms . The tallest palm trunk that we offer measures 24'. Homeowners can browse through the site and look at the different sized canary date palms and choose the one that best fits their landscaping needs. 

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