Luxury Wholesale Palms in Clearwater, Florida

Are you looking for a beautiful palm tree to liven up your property in Clearwater Florida?


Look no further.  Quality Palms is your premium palm tree provider throughout Florida and the United States. With our nursery of luxurious specimen palm trees, great wholesale prices,  and on-site shipping, Quality Palms is your one-stop-shop for beautiful palm trees.


Our luxurious wholesale Palms provide many benefits.  When you see a property decorated with palm trees, you are immediately transported to a tropical paradise far away from the stresses of the everyday world. Why not bring this tropical paradise to your own environment?


In addition to their natural beauty, palm trees add value to any property by enhancing the visual appeal landscape. If you're looking to add value to your property are beautiful wholesale palms are an easy addition, bringing beauty and added value  to your home or business.


Palm trees also add practical value to your landscape in the form of their wonderful shade. During hot summers, the long, beautiful leaves of the palm block out the sun, lowering temperatures both indoors and out. In addition to their shade, some palms, like the Areca, are popular indoor palms known for their ability to act as air filters and natural humidifiers.


At Quality Palms we are dedicated to providing you, our wonderful customers, with only the best selection of specimen palm trees from around the world. The Sabal Palm is a longtime favorite. With its iconic leaves the Sabal Palm is the official palm of Florida and South Carolina. The hardy Sabal Palm can grow up to 65 feet tall and is well known for its shade.

Another popular palm tree is the Canary Island Date Palm also known as the pineapple palm. The Canary Island date palm is known for its luxurious pineapple shaped crown and long pinnate leaves. This beautiful palm grows slowly, but can grow up to 66 feet tall when fully matured. At Quality Palms, we offer healthy specimens in a variety stages of growth,  ensuring you will have the right palm for your landscaping needs.

At Quality Palms we also offer hybridized date palms of multiple varieties.  These gorgeous specimens combine the best traits of their parent species creating truly unique specimens.

Not only do we offer an excellent selection of specimen palms our online shopping and delivery methods make shopping with Quality Palms easy and convenient. Contact us today and let Quality Palms help your landscaping dreams come true!